That Grey Paint! 

Tidied up Miss nearly 10’s bedroom and changed it around a bit. 

Our bedrooms are really small and she is a hoarder. From cicada shells, to teddies to bird skeletons, to books, to clothes that no longer fit her she has it all crammed in there. Just. In. Case.  (I never take her op shopping as we come home with another 63 teddy bears that she ‘saves’). Hence we don’t go to the SPCA as we already have enough of a menagerie.

Anyway, I wanted to downsize her bookcase a bit so found a really old bookcase that we have spray painted, left outside and generally not cared for. It was holding shoes at the front door. I remember I brought it about 9 years ago and it was an ugly pink MDF laminate. Goodness knows how it’s survived this long! 

Initially I re-spray painted it a gold and grey painted the inside (gotta love the grey!). But when I went back out and it had dried the gold looked daft, so I painted it all grey. I figured it’ll be filled with colourful books and in time crammed back full with ‘collectibles’.

I don’t mind if this only lasts another year or so, for now it is perfect. 

Things I learnt today

  1. I was tempted to go to the dump shop to find a bookcase but it appears I actually have my own dump shop at home if I just look carefully enough.
  2. Great paint goes on A LOT lighter than when it dries. I actually learnt this the other day with the desk but for some reason it was more noticeable on this tiny shelf.
  3. Try something, if it doesn’t look good, repaint it! Your project, your rules.
  4. Everything looks better spruced up with a bit of paint. This was such a crappy piece of furniture I would not have cared if it broke. I’m very pleased now that it survived the loveless years outside! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracey Towner says:

    Looks like a great finish too! I wouldn’t be surprised if this tired old bookcase spruce up will help it to last another 9 years! Grey is such a versatile colour – it co-ordinates with everything! Another job well done!


    1. Thanks Tracey! It’s certainly getting addictive. Well, addictive in the sense that it’s more fun than the other 4 assignments/essays and viva I should be writing haha.


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