Getting there!

Finally have managed to get back into my project. Have been busy at tech this past week doing ‘group work’. This has consumed far too much of time time and sanity. I don’t play well in forced groups.

Then we had some kind of leftover cyclone that Australia gave us the dregs of. This consisted of about 4 days of solid rain. And as my garage is filled with man-stuff, I can only paint outside. And painting and rain are not good friends!

Anyway, no kids here today so I was very motivated to do nothing at all except drink beer and gossip with my bestie but sensibility prevailed and I tackled my project. 

My daughter who wants this desk in her room wanted it alllllll chalkboard paint but since she’s not here and I’m in charge of the paint brush I just did some areas blackboard paint. Found some very old grey paint randomly in the garage too (that took a hammer and screwdriver to prise the stuck/rusted on lid). Had to stir it for an boringly long time but it came up well so I was really pleased. I can see all the things will be grey now as I do love it. Can’t recall what on earth I painted to have a pail of it in the garage though. Anyway, that’s just minutiae!

Things I learnt today:

  1. Blackboard paint can’t be washed off with water. So don’t run the brush under water then run your hands through the bristles expecting them to be clean 😂 (see pic). Google told me to use turps and it slipped off the brush well. Still have black paint on my phone screen though from googling it haha!
  2. Paint that has a rusted lid and looks dodgy just needs some stirring love. Like serious stirring. More than making pancake mixture stirring. Like how much effort some people in group work put into shit stirring. And that’s a lot. Then it’s awesome. 
  3. Painting in the hot autumn sun means the paint dries quite quickly and leaves streaks. Paint in the shade.
  4. Paint the light colours first. I’m a bit slap happy with my painting so managed to get lots of grey on the black. Or maybe if I did it the other way around I would just get black on the grey. Will try that. Maybe my lesson here should be just to take more care! 
  5. No matter how hard I try, I get paint on me. We did a sensory profile on ourselves recently in class, and I got equal on everything. I’m sure how I manage to get so much paint myself  every time must mean I’m a bit low registration surely. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracey Towner says:

    Looks like those hands are needing a bit turps too! Thumbs up of the desk – it is looking awesome, how many coats did you end up putting on?


    1. Just two……will check again tomorrow if it needs another. They are both quite thick paints so it looks good


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