I have decided on a self-ban to op-shops and the dump shop at the moment. If I spend as much time actually restoring the things I purchase as I do hunting them out then I would be the most productive person ever!

As well as that, funds are limited and temptation is a weak point for me. So thanks to all the kind volunteers that put things aside for me, but I’ll have to raincheck them for a while while I reconcile all I have…..

My other option on my self ban (like, if I NEED a op-shop fix!) is that I will only be able to go on my bike, therefore limiting my purchases.

Here is a few pics of my favourite treasure hunting places, the dump shop and my local op-shop, which still keeps things at real op-shop prices, there are so many op shops now that seem to charge such a high price that it doe not justify the work involved. I guess thats consumerism as up-cycling becomes fashionable.


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  1. Tracey Towner says:

    Good luck with the ban Megan there is so much temptation out there! My latest project is a to convert an old TV cabinet and turn it into a child size kitchen for school!!!


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