The Drawers

Initial investment : $0

Sticking with the bedroom theme, I was given these rock solid drawers for FREE. They’re a great low height for my daughters room and I am now wasting hours staring at Pinterest as to how I can match the desk and drawers.


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  1. kelleysdiy says:

    Why don’t you chalk paint them. I did a set in the chalk paint they sell at Home Depot. You can paint that dresser, and another with the chalk paint. No need for heavy sanding. Just fill in any dent, dings or blemishes. The chalk paint will cover it all. They also sell a ‘soft wax’, people tell me it feel like butter…so soft. It’s a easy fix, and you can paint the sides of the drawers in stripes, and put wallpaper inside that compliments it. Finish with new pulls/knobs. It will be stunning!


    1. Chalk paint! Now you’re talking! We don’t have a Home Depot in New Zealand (lol) but I follow a couple of people on facebook who import it & do workshops. Sounds like that will be a great idea for me to follow through on ….. thanks!

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      1. kelleysdiy says:

        I have a post on how to make your own chalk paint…check it out.


      2. Thanks, I totally will 🙂

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      3. kelleysdiy says:

        Check out Hometalk, and Pinterest.


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